Start Your Journey

Select your gender and input your name.

You will be sent to the next page automatically in 30 seconds. But don't worry, everyone has a free chance to change their name.

Select Your 1st Partner

Turretle: Water pet, effective to Fire pets

Blazard: Fire pet, effective to Grass pets

Botanasaur: Grass pet, effective to Water pets

Catch Your 1st Pet Lucfairy

In the game world, you will encounter monsters and catch them as your pet!

Follow the guidance, you can catch your 1st 4-star pet - Lucfairy. It is Light Mass DPS type, so powerful!

World Map

Tap the up-right corner of the main screen, you will see World Map.

There are 5 lands in the world, which correspond to the 5 pet elements.

Let's check the 5 lands:

Silicon Volcano - Fire element

Halcyon Bay - Water element

Beryl Forest - Grass element

Tawny Desert - Light element

Mt. Niveus - Dark element

You can catch different element pets on different element lands.

Five Elements

There are 5 element pets in-game. They are affinitive during the battle.

Water effect to Fire,

Fire effect to Grass,

Grass effect to Water,

Light and Dark are interactive.

Catch Pets

Click the Green Balls on the map, then you can catch the monsters to become your pets!

Catch Pets: Mythical Pets

Sometimes mythical pets will appear. They are rare and more powerful than normal pets. When a reminder appears, don't hesitate to catch it!!


More interesting gameplays are waiting for you to unlock, come and join us!

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