Recommend us in Steam Shop

Time: 2021-07-12 03:59

The game is available in Steam Shop, you can now play the game easily by Steam account. (the game servers/data are same on the website and Steam, but accounts are not interconnected):


We prepared some special gifts for you, if you recommend the game and leave a good review.

How to get the gifts:

1. Recommend the game and leave a good review (DO NOT mention this Recommend event in the review).

2. Make a screenshot of the review, your steam ID must be included.

3. Send us the screenshot, your game info (name, game ID, and server) via support mail:

4. We will send the gifts to you in 3 working days.

P.S.: Every steam ID/game info can only join the event once. You can choose to send the gifts to your website version character.

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