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  • Server Merge on Dec 18 (S1-S83) 18/12/2021
    Dear all players, We have merged servers Dec 18. Merging Details: S1 to S83 has been merged into 1. 
  • Server Merge on Dec 1 (S78-S83) 03/12/2021
      Dear all players, We have merged servers Dec 1. Merging Details: S78 to S81 has been merged into 1. 
  • New Monsters Arrival! 28/11/2021
    We have 10 new monsters now.  Players can get them in Daily Special -> Break Lucky Egg. ----------------------------------------- New Monster Details: Umbrala ---------- Pagomeoni --...
  • Login Issue 19/11/2021
    Some of you guys may encounter login issues like black screen or request failed because we just updated the account system recently.  Here's the solution: Clear browser cookies and ...
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